About Us

I was born in 1958 in Düzce's Gölyaka district, Güney Village. Back then, it was a part of Bolu. I am married and have 4 children. I studied in Gölyaka and Hendek (Sakarya), respectively 6 and  2 years and graduated from secondary school. In 1973, I started to work in Istanbul. In 1976 I went to Austria. In 1994, I came back to Turkey. Instead of attaining goods and chattels, I made scientific studies and contrived 16 inventions. I have been struggling for this for 12 years, therefore I am sick and tired and fed up with this.

In our country, unfortunately inventors and sciencists are not being appreciated and aroused interest. In this country, footballers and pop singers are being aroused interest. They are looking us into a weird way. They treat us lunatic sometimes, lunatic sometimes. I can’t find any supporter to our inventions. Although every single invention are reducing our external dependence. Even though we are a big nation, we are still importing a lot technology. We still don’t have an operating system for computers. We are raising a lot of engineers but still importing technology.



The sharing of an invention by two countries is significant enough to be the biggest war issue. Because, the only reason that makes super countries powerful is their uncompetitive export revenues with their inventions in their countries.



  • The construction of a device that is in common need of people living in the world is called invention.
  • An device that no one can think of but created in the world despite the need for it is called invention.
  • A device that is unmatched in the world and which is created by a person from top to bottom or which is superior to all aspects of the previous device that does the same work is called invention.
  • 100% export feature and the world market of non-competitive sales of the device is called invention.
  • Attention! If this invention is not possessing these conditions, it is not an invention.


  1. There is not a second inventor while there is already an inventor in the world.
  2. Because inventor is the smartest and most resourceful person in the world. If there is someone smarter than him, this individual would be called as inventor. It means also the people who is working miracles. Inventor word means a lot today. In other words, the people who are in ARGE are called inventors. That situation shows these people as inventors.



  1. Enarthrosis
  2. Mat
  3. Circular transmission
  4. Shoe with hidden heel
  5. Hideabad
  6. Crankless and pistonless engine
  7. Multi-purpose latch
  8. Stove
  9. Pickax
  10. Pull and cut
  11. Dive and cut
  12. Multi-purpose table
  13. Aerofoil system
  14. Vertical wind turbine (rest kanat?)
  15. Pass and run transmission
  16. Door pusher
  17. Weedeater
  18. Plank wiping machine
  19. Marble wiping machine
  20. Nutcracker machine
  21. Pea peeling and bisectioning machine



  1. Generating electricity from sea, wind, river and land
  2. Estimating the time of the earthquake and seventy percent of the rivers coming from the sea
  3. It is not the attraction of the earth that rotates, but the evaporation.