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- Inventor Hasan KUM

Who is the Inventor

Who is Inventor Hasan Kum, Information About His Life and Vision

Mucit Hasan KUM

Let's get to know inventor Hasan KUM. In 1958, I was born in the southern village of Gölyaka (in Bolu) in Düzce. I am married and have 4 children. 6 years in Gölyaka and 2 years in Hendek (Sakarya) I finished secondary school. In 1973 I started to work in Istanbul. 1976 I went to Austria. I went back to my country in 1994. Instead of acquiring property in my country, I made 16 inventions by doing scientific studies for the benefit of the country. I have been struggling for 12 years and I am tired, tired and tired.

Unfortunately, there is no interest in scientists and inventors in our country. Artillery and poppers are getting more attention in this country. They look at us strange. I can't find supportive of our inventions. However, each invention reduces our dependence on the outside. Although we are a big nation, we buy many technologies from outside. We still don't have a PC operating system. We train so many engineers, but we still import technology from outside.

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12 October 2018

Mafsal İcadımızın Açıklaması

Dairesel Şanzıman

Dairesel Şanzıman

12 October 2018

Dairesel Şanzıman İcadımızın Açıklaması